Crew Clothing Environmental Policy Statement

Crew Clothing is passionate about creating clothing which epitomises British casual luxury. Our clothes are inspired by the colour and freedom of our stunning coastlines and we are committed to helping protect the natural environment for the enjoyment of generations to come.

As a clothing retailer, we recognise that our impacts on the environment are not just local but extend as far out as our supply chains. The sourcing of natural and man-made materials used in our clothing, the energy used in the making and transporting of our products and the heating, cooling and lighting of our buildings all impact significantly on our surroundings. We are also concerned about the waste produced from our supply chain processes and retail operations, as well as the washing and eventual disposal of our clothing by customers.

This policy applies to all of us at Crew Clothing; across stores, offices, warehouses and in aspects of our supply chain which we can directly influence. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the policy informs our decision-making and our behaviours on a day-to-day basis.



• Work to improve our environmental management programmes across Crew Clothing

• Harness the passion of our employees, suppliers, partners and customers to generate ideas to help protect and celebrate the natural environment

• Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulatory requirements

• Evaluate and support ongoing energy reduction measures within head office and retail operations

• Help improve the sustainability of materials that are used in our clothing and stores

• Seek to substitute any hazardous chemicals within our supply chain processes

• Look to develop a Waste Reduction Strategy to minimise our use of plastic and card and maximise the potential for recycling

Octavia Morley
Managing Director - December 2013