About Us


In the early 1990s, a young Alastair Parker-Swift had an idea. Looking for something to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit, he’d noticed the simple, timeless clothing styles of his family and friends on the south coast of Devon. The clean lines of English coastal wear, the effortless way they were worn – even on days off.

“Salcombe will always be a very special place. We moved there when I was six during a rare  English heat wave and I remember thinking we must have moved on holiday!”

Nurtured in the back of a windsurfing shop in Salcombe, Alastair took his small but distinctive off-duty collection to the ultimate testing ground - Cowes Week - on the Isle of Wight. His stock sold out and his conviction was proven. Sacrificing his place in the British Ski Team, he devoted all his energies into creating what we now know as Crew Clothing Company.

“If I had to pick one memory from the early years, it would be of the whole team crammed into a little cottage in Cowes during Cowes week. There was real comradery amongst us. We worked hard, but played equally as hard. Very happy days!”

Our English heritage still remains the backbone of the company. Trusting in the phrase ‘less is more’, we build each expertly crafted piece into a collection, creating a versatile wardrobe for whenever you’re out of office. We believe in creating classic clothes – those that you can confidently depend upon, time and time again.

“I set up a little stand in a gym in London, and in walks Princess Diana... and she bought a navy and pink quarter rugby shirt for Prince William. That was pretty cool.”

In the end, there’s no greater feeling than owning a piece that looks and feels just right. And we think Crew is just the place to find it.

“I’ve never been more excited about Crew than I am now - I can’t wait for what’s next.”