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Long Sleeve Blanche Top - Blue Floral Print QUICK VIEW     Long Sleeve Blanche Top £55.00
Short Sleeve Blanche Top - Blue Floral Print QUICK VIEW     Short Sleeve Blanche Top £49.00
Athena Dress - Blue Floral QUICK VIEW     Athena Dress £75.00
Overbeck Blouse - Pink Clover Bloom QUICK VIEW     Overbeck Blouse £65.00
Button Front Smocked Dress - Blue Spot QUICK VIEW     Button Front Smocked Dress £69.00
Half Button Sweatshirt - Clover Stripe QUICK VIEW       Half Button Sweatshirt £55.00
Sherbet Dip Jumper - Peach Purple Yellow Stripe QUICK VIEW     Sherbet Dip Jumper £55.00
Padstow Pique Sweatshirt - Pink Blue Stripe QUICK VIEW      Padstow Pique Sweatshirt £55.00
Half Button Sweatshirt - Blue White Grey QUICK VIEW       Half Button Sweatshirt £55.00
Broderie Shirt - Blue QUICK VIEW     Broderie Shirt £65.00
Star Jumper - Grey Pink Star QUICK VIEW      Star Jumper £49.00
Eva Jumper - Pink Blue Green QUICK VIEW     Eva Jumper £55.00
Nautical Zip Jumper - Blue White Pink Stripe QUICK VIEW     Nautical Zip Jumper £65.00
Henley Riverbank Dress - Blue White Stripe QUICK VIEW     Henley Riverbank Dress £149.00
Margot Blouse - Blue QUICK VIEW     Margot Blouse £49.00
Tara Dress - Blue White Print QUICK VIEW     Tara Dress £85.00
Gali Dress - Blue Print QUICK VIEW     Gali Dress £69.00
Beach Haven Rugby Top - Blue Spot QUICK VIEW      Beach Haven Rugby Top £55.00
Dorset Knitted Jacket - Grey Blue Stripe QUICK VIEW     Dorset Knitted Jacket £69.00
Bucket Sweater - Cream QUICK VIEW     Bucket Sweater £55.00
French Butter Jumper - Blue Red Heart Stripe QUICK VIEW     French Butter Jumper £55.00
Elodie Jumper - Red Stripe QUICK VIEW      Elodie Jumper £39.00
Happy Heart Jumper - Cream QUICK VIEW     Happy Heart Jumper £55.00
Mary Feather Blouse - White QUICK VIEW     Mary Feather Blouse £59.00
Women's Print Edit
From painterly florals to soft stripes and mellow checks, we’re loving pattern this season. Have a play with prints in our women’s dresses and blouses, men’s shirts and more. These are our favourite new pieces appeared in print.