Ensuring our commitment to quality is maintained at all levels, we work closely with our suppliers to promote fair labour practices and safe working conditions and require that all our factories agree to our base code, derived from the International Labour Code.  We include additional sections aimed at animal welfare and ask our suppliers not to use Uzbekistan Cotton in any of our garments or products.
We take great pride in our controlling of waste. At each stage, every effort is made to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal. From recycling food, paper and cardboard packaging at Head Office, Stores and our Warehouse, to reducing wrapping from our suppliers, we are dedicated to the reduction of waste. Even our catalogues are printed on recycled and biodegradable paper.
Crew Clothing Company has been built from an entrepreneurial and authentic spirit, creating products that stand the test of time and are close to our heritage. Finding ways to return to our coastal roots, we frequently help and support our Plastic Oceans charity, educating and involving the community in a fun and conscientious way. We follow the True Crew philosophy, raising awareness of common social and environmental issues and also inspire the whole Crew Clothing team to reduce their carbon footprint by encouraging a cycle to work scheme.

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We are currently developing a new corporate responsibility strategy, to be published in 2023. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for how we could do more for the environment and ethical aspects of our business, please send them to CSR@crewclothing.co.uk